For a moment I will bring you back to 2008, more specifically June 17th 2008. Why's that? Let me explain why. For quite some time I have had the idea to make posts showing Mary's old outfits, because I know how much you love looking at her previous outfits and I love to share them with you. That's when I decided a series of #FashionFlashback's are what we need. This is why June 17th 2008 become important because this is the date I want to bring you back to in my very first #FashionFlashback-post. I haven't really decided yet how often I'm going to do these posts, but it also depend on how much you like (or dislike) them. Of course I hope you will find it amusing and fun to relive some of Mary's very best outfit from her 13 years as Crown Princess.

So, let me bring you back to June 17th 2008 where the Crown Prince couple visited Haderslev, as beginning of their tour around Denmark along with the royal yacht Dannebrog. This tradition is "inherited" from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik, and even further back in time to King Frederik and Queen Ingrid. Actually, this is the first time I got the chance to see the Crown Prince couple myself. I was a huge experience! Maybe it is also a reason why I adore her outfit so much. The Crown Princess stunned in a dreamy white Prada dress with a wonderful silhouette. We have seen her wear the dress several times before and after, but this day is just special to me. Love how she matched it with a dusty pink jacket and a hat in the exact same colours from Susanne Juul. Her Miu Miu pumps, which features a bow, makes the outfit complete as the white pearl jewellery does. A beautiful look and I wonder why we haven't seen this combo again? Sometimes I miss these romantic and feminine outfits. Below I have collected pictures of when the Crown Princess has worn these pieces at previous occasions. Now, enough with all the talking. Enjoy the nine year old, beautiful pictures of Frederik and Mary visiting Haderslev!


  1. First, forgive me because I'm French and my english is not good. I have a request : please, write your blog completely in english, not only the articles. I don't know danish, I feel like a blind people in a "labyrinthe" ... I also want to tell you I appreciate your blog, I read it each day. Thanks a lot for your work

    1. Hi,
      I am honor to hear you like my blog and read it each day. It is a pleasure to have readers like you. As answer to your kind request. Because only very few of my followers read, speak and/or understand Danish, I always write in english. Something I will keep on doing. Still, I get you have some difficulties. Would you mind sharing an example with me where you feel I write in Danish? That would be very helpful to me in the future. You are welcome to write me an email at: styleofmaryblog@gmail.com. Thanks.